The unpublished archives

A personal archive is considered relevant to one's life, memory and history. The classical tools for archiving have evolved steadily for centuries and the usage of written, painted, photographic, audio or video material has helped preserve human history.

Individuals who are engaged in personal archiving see their life experiences as extensional sources of historical and cultural record. Besides being able to relive moments in their personal memories, they certainly enrich our knowledge with the legacy they left for future generations.

Regardless of the methodologies used in personal archiving, many individual archives remain in the dark, unknown to the general public that are missing captivating moments and stories.

The Unpublished Archive

The Italian-Austrian Hapkemeyer family reveals photos of WWII parades never shared before, taken by the 14-year-old photographer Ingrid. Read more...

The Unpublished Soldier

The French soldier George Auvrignon documented every happy moment in his family’s life for three generations, but not the war. Through this archive he shares his experiences with Nazi occupation, Spanish dictatorship, and his achievement as a war hero landing on the Normandy shore in June 1944. Read more...