Return of the Real

I didn’t want to come back in the winter.
Remember the sky that you were born under, the Warm Summer Sun, Neruda said.
I can’t forgive him for saying that, it hurts.

The day I left, it was such a nice summer day. I remember it was a too beautiful day to leave, but I did with the Oglala Lakota phrase playing in my head, "today is a good day to die".

Look at me, can't get over it.

Oh yeah, here I am, finally back to all my memories. But what do I really remember?
The nice memories or the less nice ones?

Look at this - I can almost touch my childhood again. It feels nice, sad yet nice.
I just wish everyone was here with me today.
It was so nice, yeah, we had it all.

Look at all this, I alone have it all now. I can’t imagine what to do with all this space.
Having all this space alone is already devastating my feeling.
I must keep searching, looking back on what else I remember.

I can’t wait - I have to see the valley. (Walk to the living room)
Waawaa, look at this! What happened here, where are all the trees? And look at the village, it is a small town now…

30 years feels like 100 years.

Well, I guess this place was someone else’s everyday reality for 30 years – but not mine.
Will I be able to ever catch up – I guess that isn’t going to happen – maybe I can try.
Oh, but maybe not, maybe not.

I must find that wooden key – where did you put it, granny?
The photo of me carrying that key when I was four years never left my memory.
Where is that key?
Let me think, I remember it was always near the fireplace.
Yesssss, I found you, the key – my key!
This is the key to my childhood and my memories – thank you, granny, thank you.
I got it and now I am free to join you anytime.

Let's go my friend, lets go together and enjoy the view.