DocuLogia - Critical Media Production


Studios, Equipment, Audiovisual and Film Lab
DocuLogia’s studio has several multipurpose casting and editing spaces, all equipped with up-to-date 4K projection / production and post-production 4K apple technology.

Editing space
DocuLogia’s studios are equipped with advanced 4K technologies and with the latest Mac computers with Final Cut X on all machines. Here you can edit and export your film in cinematic quality while viewing the result on a large projector.

Chroma room for green screen shooting
DocuLogia’s chroma room is where you can organize interviews and other shooting sessions at the green screen section. It has HD projector and 4K LCD for life view of your shoot. All is connected to a control room from where you can monitor your shoot live and in 4K quality.

Audio studio
DocuLogia has its own mini-studio recording with good acoustic conditions for recording voice-over for film, video advertising, or special sound effects. The audio recording section is equipped with Røde, Audio Technica and LG technology.

Studio equipment
We provide the necessary equipment for photography, videography and filmmaking to be used inside and outside DocuLogia’s studio.

Filming equipment

Lumix FZ1000, GH3, GH4 and GH5
Lenses: Sigma 10-20mm, Sigma 17-70mm, Canon 24-70mm, Canon 35mm, Tamron 18-200mm, Leica 20mm 1.4, Leica 25mm 1.8, 14-140mm, and 100-300mm
Metabone speed booster XL – EF mount
Sony camcorders Z1 and Z7
Canon 6D
Sony HDR minE. HD
JVC 150E (HD camcorder)
Limelight M7 – HD monitor
Sony field monitor
Sony HD Professional Recorder
LED Lights and speed light (with all accessories)
Zoom H6 sound recorder (with all accessories)
Sennheiser 418 and MKE 600 broadcast quality, RF condenser microphones
Mic rycote housing, suspension, fluffy windshield
Boom sticks and various XLR cables
Sennheiser wireless set G3-E (with all accessories)
Panasonic DMW – MS2
Panasonic AG-Mc200C
HD LG beamer
Dual Grip Shoulder Support Rig
Pilotfly gimbal
Slider PLUS – Pro, Edelkrone
Joby GP1-A1EN Gorillapod Flexible Tripod
Manfrotto trolley L
Sachtler and Manfrotto tripods and monopods
Light reflectors, gold and silver

Editing equipment and facilities

52″ 4K LCDs
iMac 27″ Computers
Cine Mac with Macmini
Macbook Pro 17
MacBook air
A3 color printer
Final Cut Pro X and Photoshop CC2017 on all machines
BluRay and DVD writers
Own wireless network

Organize your own event at DocuLogia’s social space
Filmmakers, journalists and media researchers can organize their own session in DocuLogia’s space.

You can hire DocuLogia’s  facilities for group seminars, workshops, training and coaching sessions. You can also experiment with stage building of your own full-scale video or photo shoot.

DocuLogia meeting space has the capacity of hosting up to 20 persons. It is equipped with 4K 50-inch screens and HD projector. Here you can arrange full-scale coaching or business presentations using computers or live camera view.

DocuLogia’s team members can also contribute with their extensive knowledge to your sessions and engage in critique, conversation and consultancy with your clients, colleagues, or students.

The auditorium can host up to 80 participants and is equipped with translation chamber and facilities, wireless microphones, beamer, and surround sound.

Black & White film processing and photo printing

DocuLogia has its own black and white photo lab and provides traditional black and white film processing and photo printing from negatives.

Till this very day no one can deny the power of black and white photography. Black and white photos have a classy and exquisite feel about them. They allow us to focus on composition, shapes, light and shadow, lines and perspective. They have an aesthetic, artistic look that is hard to produce in color and they definitely look timeless.

As technology advances in the world of photography with digital cameras doing most of the work for photographers, a passionate crowd of professionals, students, and hobbyists is returning to the darkroom in search of a more authentic and personal feel to their art.

DocuLogia’s black and white lab is available for photographers interested in learning, experimenting and using the traditional film processing technique.