Set City

The documentation immediately transformed the incident into a global media news sensation.…

Our History and Their Archive

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The Politics and Panache of Artivism

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The Econo- Aesthetics and the Art Robot System

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Portable Nation

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Climate Matters

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Curated exhibitions


The Long Egyptian Film

Karim Al Husseini - from warrior to artistAs many Arab artists in…

Maldives To Be or Not

Documentary about the Maldives wavering between the fiction of the West and…

Return of the Real

I didn’t want to come back in the winter. Remember the sky…


Australian composer Christopher de Groot and theatre-opera director Suzanne Chaundy received funding from Creative Victoria to develop a one-voice opera, based on the video diaries of Ricardo López. The question that imposes itself is whether such a production will overcome the tendency to aestheticize videos of graphic nature as the attempt here is to generate an attitude of mass-intervention and to change the notion of “the more you watch, the less you feel.”

The relational interdependency between the artist and the art institutions (the art world) has always been bittersweet and conditional. The predominant principles that influence the behavior of numerous art institutions are related to questions of ethics, pragmatism and political correctness. They cautiously maneuver between the intentions of artists and the aesthetical needs of society.

In 1936, a committee of experts was established in India to check the conditions of museums in the country. The foremost museological problem was the fact that the vast majority of museum visitors were illiterate people (a non-specialized audience) that went there, not to know or learn, but to wonder. The colloquial Hindustani term for museum was AJAIB-GHAR or the “house of wonder”.


59th Venice Biennale

55th Venice Biennale

3rd Guangzhou Triennale

Manifesta 8 – Spain